GIKIL HOSTED FARMERS AND STUDENTS OF THE AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL ZIVINICE   Presentation the results of testing KAN and harvest corn in the trial field

28/10/2016 14:21:00

In order to strengthen agricultural production in Bosnia and Herzegovina and demonstrate the effectiveness of GIKIL's product,  Agro team of "Global Ispat Coke Industry' Ltd. Lukavac has successfully completed one more test of GIKIL's fertilizer KAN by plantation and cultivation of corn in the trial field of the company.

On this occasion GIKIL today hosted farmers from Bijeljina, Kalesija, Gracanica and Lukavac, and the students of the Agricultural School in Zivinice presenting the results of testing, and held lecture in the field of agronomy.

The objective of the testing of the fertilizer quality in GIKIL's trial field  is to demonstrate effectiveness of GIKIL's KAN ,in stimulating local farmers to use verified superior domestic product more suited to local conditions as well as for the education of farmers about adequate agro-technical measures to be taken to give a better yield and quality of the final product.

This year, the  total corn yield from trial field of GIKIL was handed over to a young farmer from Orahovica near Lukavac Mr. Adi Bajric, who is also producing milk and monthly supplies 6,000 liters of his products. In this way GIKIL as a socially responsible company wants to support self-employment and motivate young farmers to improve their yield and competitiveness  in a competitive environment.

Attendees had the opportunity to visit the trial field of corn, as well as the factory for the production of fertilizer, where they were introduced  with the entire process of manufacturing of KAN, besides attending to the lecture from noted Agronomist Prof Goran Perkovic on how to increase yield and quality through various measures.

GIKIL affirmed its committment to continue partnership with the farmers in the future, share knowledge and in demonstrating the technological superiority of its KAN, and remaining a market leader through a proactive relation with the farming community.