22/10/2013 12:01:00

Long-standing practice of voluntary blood donation of„Global Ispat Koksna Industrija“ d.o.o. Lukavac'semployees, who do it every three months per year, enters in new phase with successful implementation of the project of the room's decoration that is specially intended for voluntary blood donation actions in this company. It is a unique project in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is result of successful cooperation between GIKIL's Union and Management, and which once again demonstrated high awareness of need and value of voluntary blood donation in this company.

New rooms were inaugurated today in the presence of the Management members, Union representatives and numerous employees of the company, but also by representatives of the Union of Chemistry and Non-Metals of Federation B&H. Meanwhile, there was organized, another one in a series, voluntary blood donation action, which was attended by about a hundred employees of GIKIL.

"Our employees are well-known for their humanity and what makes me particularly happy is the fact that our society recognizes this also. On the occasion of Municipality Day of Lukavac, GIKIL's Section of blood donors won a valuable recognition - "Honorary Plaque of Lukavac's Municipality for very humane actions", says Mirsad Imamovic, president of Union Organization of GIKIL. He added that the company's employees, who regularly donate blood and thereby save lives, are most deserving for this recognition.

„This award is a recognition for our work, but also the a encouragement for future success, which I am sure will be even better with the decorated rooms that are specially intended for voluntary blood donation in GIKIL. I want to thank the Management of the company who helped a lot in the realization of this project”,says Imamovic.

Anyway, GIKIL’s Management continually supports all activities of the company’s Section of blood donors.

„We in Management are really proud of our employees who regularly donate blood, thus saving many lives. Therefore, we always try to help these humane people and reward them on the best possible way. The rooms that we decorated are unique in B&H which in itself speaks about our commitment to help our human employees. Also, this will help medical staff from the University Clinical Centre Tuzla who are coming here to do their job”, said Suad Dubravic, Deputy Managing Director of GIKIL.

President of the Union of Chemistry and Non-Metals of Federation BiH, Kata Iveljic, handed over in front of this organization Appreciation for human labour to the Union organization and Section of blood donors of GIKIL. On this occasion she pointed out:

“You donated blood countless times where you saved many our children and workers, and because of that Union of Chemistry and Non-Metals of Federation B&H are very grateful to you. Also, I would like to thank the Management Board for the support given to the workers in order to organize themselves and to donate blood in the premises of GIKIL, as well as special gifts were given to them for that”.

At the end, the record-holders in voluntary blood donation in GIKIL, Kasumović Zijad, Mesic Enes, Frkic Zikrija and Almir Sakic, who together donated blood about three hundred times, were rewarded with a deserved cash prizes.