02/02/2012 20:57:00

A ceremony of environment permit presentation took place at GIKIL Global Ispat Coke Industry Lukavac , 27 January 2012. Representatives of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were present at the ceremony, and Branka Đurić, the Minister of Environment and Tourism of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina officially handed over the permit. Minister Đurić expressed her gratification over the fact that GIKIL Company takes care not only about the production and employees but also about the environment.

"GIKIL submitted six applications for environment permits. One integral permit was created for all these applications, i.e. all GIKIL facilities are included in this permit. That means easier surveillance of activity plans, not only for GIKIL, but also for the relevant ministry, inspectorates, and citizens. All data will be seen at one place, at Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism" added Minister Đurić.

According to Faik Buševac, GIKIL's Deputy Managing Director, they have taken all the actions stipulated by the law, for certain areas of ground, air and water.

"We have done a lot to meet the conditions for receiving the integral environment permit. We know that we did not meet the maximum according to law regulations, but the permit gives five-year-long deadlines, and we will certainly meet those deadlines. We have completed over 80% of things requested in contemporary permits and regulations for a plant operation. We invested a lot, between BAM 80 – 100 million, and there are other projects requesting lots of money. It will be hard to allocate the money with this production level, due to one crisis in 2009 and the new one now, but will do our best to give our maximum," said Buševac.

The guests also visited GIKIL Control and Operating Center in order to inform Minister Đurić and her associates on the production situation in the company on the spot.