26/09/2011 03:57:00

„Global Ispat Koksna Industrija“  d.o.o. Lukavac wants to position itself as a leader of the movement that is fighting for the preservation of ecosystems and human health.

With this purpose it was initiated the clean development project, showing that the producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are committed to fight against global warming and in accordance with the guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol.

To remind you, Kyoto Protocol aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industrialized countries by 5% until 2012, taking as a reference emission level in 1990. From developing countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, is not expected to implement the reduction in this volume, but to adjust it with the part that defines"Reducing of carbon emissions". Certificates of carbon, so called “credits”, will be sold on the world market after its audit, certification and confirmation.

With the sale of the certificates to the industrial countries, developing countries will be able to provide first-class technology that will enable them to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their countries.

GIKIL's Fertilizer plant produces 53% nitric acid that is further processed into ammonium nitrate which is used for the production of fertilizer KAN. Gases formed in that process, based on nitrogen oxide, are not have negative effects on the local environment by itself, but they are great absorbers of thermal energy. This indirectly causes great damage to the environment.

The project of nitrogen oxide reduction involves the installation of high-temperature catalysts, rented from the suppliers in Europe. Upon expiry of the deadline for the use, catalyst will be returned to the supplier who will recycle the active ingredients prior to its destruction, so in this way will be also avoided additional environmental pollutions. Installation of these catalysts will not influence the current process of obtaining of nitric acid. It is expected that this procedure will remove 90% of nitrogen oxide.

The project that GIKIL is running will have significantly contribution in reducing of the global warming. Material assets, obtained by selling the above mentioned certificates, will be used to implement other environmental projects.

GIKIL, as environmentally friendly, defined the strategy for environmental protection. It will be a priority in the business over the coming years, because of the fact that health of people in this company is placed ahead of everything else.