03/05/2011 18:46:00

Global Ispat Koksna Industrija Lukavac successfully implemented the project of the fish ranching in cooperation with the Sports  Fishing Community of the Modrac Lake on Friday, 29th April 2011.

"Corporate Social Responsibility is always at the first place for  GIKIL  and this is just one of many projects from this area in which our company contributes to the region where operates. In the future, of course, we intend through the concrete examples prove that we really want to build mutual partnerships with Local community," said Faik Busevac, Deputy Managing Director of the GIKIL.

GIKIL participated in the fish ranching with the financial support in the amount of 7000 KM, in order to improve plant and animal life in the fishing waters controlled by the Sports Fishing Community of the Modrac Lake in the area of the municipalities Tuzla, Lukavac and Zivinice.

In the past few years, Sports Fishing Community of the Modrac Lake includes: the Sports Fishing Club Rudar - Kreka Tuzla, the Sports Fishing Smudj Lukavac, and the Sports Fishing Club Mrena Zivinice, and aims to preserve Lake Modrac, its fish fund, and participating in competitions across the Europe. Every year they organize the fish ranching of the Modrac Lake with the carp, which is usually the target of poachers.

Also, about 1,200 members of this community are doing cleaning the lake shore, and they seek and destroy the nets with aim to  fight against the poachers. In the past five years were found and destroyed more than 5,000 nets.

"We feel very fortunate, because a respectable company such GIKIL showed great interest in protecting the environment and ecology in general and in this way contributed to the reconstruction and reclamation fish stocks in the fishing waters. It is a great pleasure to know that the protection and restoration of fish stocks because they're not alone in this process have shown their willingness to share the preservation of natural resources which gives us great encouragement for further work and taking care of our waters and wildlife in it," said Amir Murgic, Secretary of the Sports Fishing Community of the Modrac Lake.