20/12/2010 20:20:00

Managing Director of Global Ispat  Koksna  Industrija  Lukavac  Mr. Jagannadham Guntupalli won the prestigious award "Best Manager in BiH for 2010" in the Group of Heavy Industries in BiH. It was announced at  traditional event  of  "Election of the best manager in Bosnia and Herzegovina", held  on  15.12.2010  at Banski Dvor in Banja Luka.

Manifestation was organized by Independent Agency for Election and Promotion of the the Best Manager of BiH, South-Eastern and Central Europe, magazine EUROMANAGER and European Association of Managers.

Of the roughly  2 000  nominations  and  proposals  for this  award, the jury of the  Agency summed up the results and assign nearly thirty  awards  in several categories  such as  small, medium and  large  businesses  by industry and economy fields.

As it was stated in the explanation  of this  jury,  Global  Ispat  Koksna Industrija  Lukavac  has sprung up from the ashes  and  has become a world-class company today.

„I am thrilled to have been selected as the laureate to accept the “The Best Manager in 2010 in BiH Award” and I am sincerely grateful for the recognition", said in his speech Guntupalli Jagannadham, Managing Director of GIKIL and added that he is  only receiving the Award on behalf of every one in GIKIL because they met the challenges together  and achieved the results together  for the company.

"The workmen and the management of GIKIL collectively made it possible that this coke manufacturing company in Tuzla Canton is able to stand up on its own in a situation where about 300 similar companies have got closed in the world ever since beginning of the Global economic Crisis in Aug’2008. All of you are aware  the  economy of the Entire Europe  is still to recover completely !  If this award stands for anything, it  is that  united spirit of team work & unity among  all of us in  GIKIL which has not only enabled us to survive through the Global economic Crisis but also made a positive contribution to the economy of  Tuzla Canton and the entire region !!!- said Mr. Guntupalli.

According to him,  GIKIL  will  continue  to contribute  the positive industrial culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina  through  its  products  and  services of company.