03/12/2010 10:54:00

After successful completion of repairs and procurement of raw materials, GIKIL’s Fertilizer Plant began with the production of calcium ammonium nitrate (KAN). GIKIL’s Fertilizers Plant has an annual capacity of about 100 000 tons and that is enough to cover more than 50% needs of the farmers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is excellent news for domestic agricultural, because of the fact that the Fertilizer Plant from Lukavac made KAN for the average acidity and soil quality of B&H. The reddish filler, the contents of magnesium and looseness are the characteristics for which “KAN” has always been a favorite product for its customers and it is also according to European standards.

"Being the first factory for production of mineral fertilizers on the Balkans and having half a decade of experience in production of KAN are the values to be proudly used in advertisement, but this is also a great obligation for consumers and competition," says Faik Busevac, Deputy of Managing Director of GIKIL.

The company is committed to innovations in order to maintain a high position in the market where GIKIL’s  “KAN” is placed. These innovations are aimed at higher quality of products and complete customer satisfaction. In the previous period, activities were focused on automation optimization and modernization of Fertilizer Plant. Results are reduced losses in production, improved product quality, packaging method of finished products according to European standards, reduction of manpower, creation of conditions for new products and meeting environmental requirements.

Management noted that the Project of Certified reduction of „greenhouse“ gases  is one of the major projects and it is related  to Fertilizer Plant. Particularly, facility for nitric acid production emits small amounts of nitrous oxide, which is a potent GHG.

Intention is to install secondary catalyst at GIKIL's Fertilizer Plant in Lukavac, which will reduce nitrous oxide emissions.The design of this project has already completed, and GIKIL is ready to go with European partners in the implementation of this demanding project.